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Hey!!!!!! I am SOOO pumped and ready for Easter, I’m going to be doing a lot of fun stuff today with my family. So if your doing any fun stuff today be sure to leave a comment and Shelly and l will be sure to check it out. Tomorrow I have a bunch of SUPAH fun games, activities, and delicious snacks planned. In fact I have family coming over in a couple hours so I should go get ready.TTYL and Hoppy Easter(;

Thanks, Bell(;<3


Hey guys, I hope you had an awesome Easter!!! I already posted my Easter Outline above but Shelly and I would L-O-V-E to here about anything you did over Easter. Anyways just a little while longer and the site will be ready, so make sure to check the site often for new things. We actually may be adding a new page soon so keep an eye out for that, that’s it for now so I will make sure to post soon and work SUPAH  hard on the website.

Thanks, Bell(;<3


Hey guys, so Shelly and I each have our own blog now!!! I’m super excited so make sure to leave comments on BOTH of our pages and we’ll be sure to keep you guys updated!!!

Thanks, Bell(;<3

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